ISIS militants posing outside of Damascus in Syria (Balkis Press/Sipa USA/AP).


ISIS, Israel, and Spymasters: A Reality Check

April 29, 2016

Join us on May 3 for a special JFK Jr. Forum with Tamir Pardo, former Director of the Mossad, Michael Morell, former acting CIA Director, and Graham Allison. More

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Veterans Deserve Universities' Loyalties

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April 15, 2016

"The Three Overlapping Streams of India's Nuclear Power Programs"

By Kalman A. Robertson, Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow, International Security Program/Project on Managing the Atom and John Carlson, Associate, Project on Managing the Atom

As India’s civilian nuclear energy program expands with the assistance of international nuclear suppliers, it creates new potential pathways to the acquisition of fissile material that could be diverted for military purposes. A key question is whether and how India’s civilian and military nuclear facilities are separated. In this discussion paper from the Belfer Center’s Project on Managing the Atom, Kalman A. Robertson and John Carlson argue that India has not established a complete and verifiable separation of its civilian and military nuclear programs. The authors recommend steps for India to take under its safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency to provide assurances to all states that components of its civilian program are not contributing to the growth of its nuclear arsenal. These steps include renouncing options that would facilitate the use of safeguarded items to produce unsafeguarded nuclear material, and placing the proliferation-sensitive components of its nuclear power industry under continuous safeguards.



April 12, 2016

"Brexit and the Balance of Power"

Arab News

By Joseph S. Nye, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor

"In addition to a revival of Scottish separatism, Britain's inward turn in recent years could accelerate. And over the longer run, the effects on the global balance of power and the liberal international order — in which Britain has a strong national interest — would be negative."



April 11, 2016

"How Africa Is Shaping Its Relations with China"

Technology+Policy | Innovation@Work

By Calestous Juma, Professor of the Practice of International Development; Director, Science, Technology, and Globalization Project; Principal Investigator, Agricultural Innovation in Africa

"Much of Africa's diplomatic agency in its relations with China is mediated through development learning. One obvious area of interest for Africa is the role of state capacity in promoting economic development. African governments are learning how to engage with China through FOFAC and other collaborative ventures. These lessons are being deployed when negotiating with other countries."



April 11, 2016

War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft

By Robert D. Blackwill, International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Jennifer M. Harris

In an analysis of why the United States is losing ground as a world power and what it can do to reverse the trend, War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft by Robert D. Blackwill and Jennifer M. Harris describes the statecraft of geoeconomics: the use of economic instruments to achieve geopolitical goals.


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