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Winter 2011/12

"They Think They're Normal: Enduring Questions and New Research on North Korea—A Review Essay"

Journal Article, International Security, issue 3, volume 36

By David Kang

The motivations of North Korea’s leaders and people have long been a mystery, frustrating policymakers who must decide whether to pursue a relationship with the government or attempt to isolate the rogue state, but new literature reveals that the North Korean people and their government operate more normally than most people think.  This literature also suggests that policies designed to minimize North Korea’s military threat may hurt efforts to improve the lives of its citizens and vice versa. Given this difficulty and the recent regime change, efforts to understand North Korea before making and implementing policy decisions are more important than ever.



Winter 2003/04

"Hierarchy, Balancing, and Empirical Puzzles in Asian International Relations"

Journal Article, International Security, issue 3, volume 28

By David Kang

In rebutting Acharya’s criticisms to his spring 2003 article, "Getting Asia Wrong: The Need for New Analytic Frameworks," Kang reemphasizes his view that in studying Asia, international relations scholarship should be less Eurocentric and consider more carefully the Asian empirical anomalies.



Spring 2003

"Getting Asia Wrong: The Need for New Analytical Frameworks"

Journal Article, International Security, issue 4, volume 27

By David Kang

How successfully has international relations theory captured the post–Cold War Asian experience? David Kang argues that Western scholars are “getting Asia wrong.”

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