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International Security

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December 14, 2011

"The Exaggerated Threat of American Muslim "Homegrown" Terrorism"

Policy Brief

By Risa Brooks

"...[I]nflating the terrorist threat could alienate Muslim communities in the United States. This would be a worrisome development, because those communities’ widespread rejection of terrorism and their ongoing willingness to expose suspected militants are two reasons why the homegrown threat remains small."



Fall 2003

"Making Military Might: Why Do States Fail and Succeed? A Review Essay"

Journal Article, International Security, issue 2, volume 28

By Risa Brooks

Risa Brooks reviews two books on regime type and military effectiveness: Arabs at War, by Kenneth Pollack, and Democracies at War, by Dan Reiter and Allan Stam.

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We host a busy schedule of events throughout the fall, winter and spring. Past guests include: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former Vice President Al Gore, and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.