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Axel Michaelowa



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November 2012

"Can New Market Mechanisms Mobilize Emissions Reductions from the Private Sector?"

Discussion Paper

By Axel Michaelowa

Negotiators, business leaders, and others concerned with climate change are attempting to develop market mechanisms that expand and improve upon those provided by the Kyoto Protocol. These "new market mechanisms" might be incorporated into a new international arrangement called for at COP-17 in Durban, South Africa. Dr. Michaelowa explores the paths forward.



September 5, 2007

"Michaelowa Proposal: Graduation and Deepening"

Policy Brief

By Axel Michaelowa

Axel Michaelowa proposed to build on the Kyoto framework by deepening and expanding quantitative emission targets.  He advocates a global long-term atmospheric stabilization goal of 550 parts per million to be achieved through quantitative, legally-binding, country-specific targets.

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