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International Security

October, 2005

Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population


By Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea Den Boer

What happens to a society that has too many men? In this provocative book, Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer argue that, historically, high male-to-female ratios often trigger domestic and international violence. Most violent crime is committed by young unmarried males who lack stable social bonds. Although there is not always a direct cause-and-effect relationship, these surplus men often play a crucial role in making violence prevalent within society.



Spring 2002

"A Surplus of Men, A Deficit of Peace: Security and Sex Ratios in Asia's Largest States"

Journal Article, International Security, issue 4, volume 26

By Andrea Den Boer and Valerie M. Hudson

The authors trace the rise in offspring sex selection in China and India that has resulted in a "surplus" of young men. They argue that such surpluses of men increase the potential for internal and external violence, while diminishing the prospects for democracy.

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