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Admiral (ret.) Gregory G. Johnson



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September 19, 2008

Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development


By Ambassador Daniel Coats, Charles Robb, Ashton B. Carter, Former Co-Director, Preventive Defense Project, Harvard & Stanford Universities, Admiral (ret.) Gregory G. Johnson, General (ret.) Ronald Keys, Dr. Edward Morse, Steve Rademaker, Dennis Ross, International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Henry Sokolski, General (ret.) Chuck Wald and Ken Weinstein

A Task Force sponsored by the National Security Initiative, a program of the Bipartisan Policy Center, released a ground-breaking report identifying the regional and global threats posed by a nuclear weapons-capable Iran and recommending a new, robust and comprehensive strategy designed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.



James Gordon, Flickr Commons

September 6, 2007

The Report of the Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq


By General (ret.) James L. Jones, USMC, Former Senior Advisor, Preventive Defense Project, Lt. General (ret.) Martin R. Berndt, General (ret.) Charles G. Boyd, Command Sergeant Major (ret.) Dwight J. Brown, Terrance Gainer, John J. Hamre, Colonel (ret.) Michael Heidingsfield, Admiral (ret.) Gregory G. Johnson, General (ret.) George Joulwan, Lt. General (ret.) James C. King, Duncan McCausland, Sergeant Major (ret.) Alford McMichael, Lt. General (ret.) Gary S. McKissock, Brig. General (ret.) Richard Potter, Maj. General (ret.) Arnold L. Punaro, Charles Ramsey, John F. Timoney, Lt. General (ret.) John A. Van Alstyne and General (ret.) Charles Wilhelm

The Independent Commission submitted this report to the House and Senate Committees on Armed Services, Appropriations, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations/Affairs on the readiness of the Iraqi Security Forces in September 2007.

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