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January 30, 2008

Afghanistan Study Group Report


By General (ret.) James L. Jones, USMC, Former Senior Advisor, Preventive Defense Project, Amb. Thomas R. Pickering, Amb. David M. Abshire, Dr. Keith Crane, Lisa Curtis, Amb. James Dobbins, Dr. Malik M. Hasan, Amb. Karl F. Inderfurth, Frederick Kempe, Amb. Dennis Kux, Amb. Gary Matthews, Robert Perito, Charles Robb, Dr. Barnett R. Rubin, J. Alexander Thier, James Townsend and Dr. Marvin G. Weinbaum

The Center for the Study of the Presidency issued this report on status of current U.S. and international efforts in Afghanistan and the need for an improved strategy to ensure a secure and prosperous Afghanistan for the future.



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