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Spring 2009

"Who Are These Belligerent Democratizers? Reassessing the Impact of Democratization on War"

Journal Article, International Organization, issue 2, volume 63

By Vipin Narang, Former Research Fellow, International Security Program/Project on Managing the Atom, 2008–2010 and Rebecca M. Nelson

In a key finding in the democratic peace literature, Mansfield and Snyder argue that states with weak institutions undergoing incomplete transitions to democracy are more likely to initiate an external war than other types of states. We show that the empirical data do not support this claim. We find a dearth of observations where incomplete democratizers with weak institutions participated in war. Additionally, we find that the statistical relationship between incomplete democratization and war is entirely dependent on the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire prior to World War I. We also find that the case selection in Mansfield and Snyder rarely involved incomplete democratizers with weak institutions. We therefore conclude that the finding that incomplete democratizers with weak institutions are more likely to initiate or participate in war is not supported by the empirical data.

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