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Sabrina Roshan



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November 2009

"Afghans on the Taliban"

Policy Memo

By Sabrina Roshan

By and large, the people of Afghanistan are driven by a desire for administration and order - not by money or supreme ideology. Despite its oppressive tactics, the Taliban regime has managed to seize power and sustain it by filling a vacuum of social instability. Wardak province, which lies just three hours outside of Kabul, is a major Taliban stronghold in central Afghanistan today. The Taliban's seizure of power in Wardak serves as a microcosm of the social and political dynamics at play in the entire country. If left unchecked, more and more parts of Afghanistan risk failing into the hands of these non-governmental, rebel powers.



September 5, 2009

"Afghan Security for Afghanistan"

Op-Ed, The Huffington Post

By Eric Rosenbach, Faculty Affiliate, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (on leave) and Sabrina Roshan

"...[B]olstering the Afghan security forces will not only restore trust in coalition forces, but also build Afghans' confidence in the future of the country."

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