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Yvonne Yew

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Yvonne Yew

Associate, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program




Yvonne Yew is an associate with Project on Managing the Atom. A former Singapore diplomat, she has worked on regional and multilateral issues in Asia and in Europe. She was last posted in Austria, where she was responsible for establishing an office in Vienna and served as the Alternate Representative and Governor to the International Atomic Energy Agency during Singapore's term on the IAEA Board of Governors from 2004–2006. She was also consultant to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization's International Scientific Studies Project.



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Summer 2013

"Yvonne Yew Offers Insight into Crucial Asian Security Issues"

Newsletter Article, Belfer Center Newsletter

By Ramiro Gonzalez Lorca and Yvonne Yew, Associate, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program

"Researching Asian security issues has never been more topical," Yvonne Yew said in discussing her work at the Belfer Center. Despite Asia's economic growth, she said, "simmering tensions, territorial disputes, nuclear proliferation concerns, and military skirmishes serve to potentially undermine the region's peace and prosperity. As a former Singaporean diplomat and representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yew is in a unique position to view security issues spurred by the momentous and ongoing rise of Asia."



June 13, 2011

Diplomacy and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Navigating the Non-Aligned Movement


By Yvonne Yew, Associate, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program

The Obama administration has sought a global cooperative approach to stem the spread of nuclear weapons and push for a stronger global engagement on the non-proliferation front. In the context of these efforts, this paper looks at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), established 50 years ago and representing 120 "global South" countries on issues related to nuclear rights and proliferation.



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