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Natalie Black



Natalie Black graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School in May 2011 with a Masters in Public Policy. While at HKS, she was a Fulbright scholar and Fellow with the Program on Criminal Justice Policy & Management. She led teams to Haiti to assess the impact of the 2010 earthquake on the criminal justice system, Sierra Leone to help evaluate the prosecution of gender based violence and advised the Counter-Narcotics Program of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan. Her co-authored final year Policy Analysis Exercise on transnational organised crime for The National Security Staff at The White House won the Belfer Center's Award for 'Best PAE' and she was invited, with her research partner, to present their findings at the United Nations in Vienna and the National Institute of Justice in Washington, DC.

Natalie is currently working for the New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent and Belfer Center Senior Fellow, David Sanger on a new book about President Obama’s foreign policy.



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July 2011

An Introduction to Pakistan's Military


By Francisco Aguilar, Former Belfer Center International and Global Affairs (BIGA) Student Fellow, 2011-12, Randy Bell, Former Belfer IGA Fellow 2008-2010, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Natalie Black, Sayce Falk, Former Belfer Center International and Globall Affairs (BIGA) Student Fellow, 2010-2011, Sasha Rogers, Former Belfer Center International and Global Affairs (BIGA) Student Fellow, 2010-2011 and Aki J. Peritz

The Pakistani military remains an opaque entity, both inside and outside of the country.  Few publicly available reports exist for those seeking a basic understanding of its leaders, functions, or allegiances.  An Introduction to Pakistan's Military is the first of two Belfer Center reports examining the Pakistani military.  To assemble this report, the authors interviewed over two-dozen retired Pakistani military officers, principally in Islamabad and Karachi.  The authors also conducted nearly forty additional interviews with Pakistani politicians, civil society actors, journalists, and military experts, as well as with US and European military, diplomatic, and intelligence officers and analysts.

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