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Ylias Akbaraly

Ylias Akbaraly

International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs



Ylias Akbaraly is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing. After graduation, he pursued a Master’s degree from EDEP Paris.

Ylias Akbaraly is currently the Chairman and Group CEO of the Sipromad Group, one of the top 8th most successful companies in Madagascar. Groupe Sipromad is a holding with 18 subsidiaries specializing in various areas from Industry, Agriculture, Estates, Game Designing and Production, Aviation, Tourism and Hotels, Food & Agri-business, Securities and Accessibilities, to Banking. Please do refer to the group’s website: In 20 years the Group Sipromad has expanded into a respectful and big group. Groupe Sipromad has partnerships with India, China, Germany, The U.S., France, South Africa, Italy, Dubai, and Mauritius.

As a family business, when Ylias Akbaraly took over the chairing of the Group, there were only twenty employees. By 2011, there are 2,000 employees and collaborators in the GS, Group Sipromad expanded throughout Madagascar and have agencies over its six provinces.

Philosophically, he is a staunch advocate of values such as: Integrity, team spirit and excellence. He is perceived to be a very discreet man, a sunshine transparency, who does believe in deeds more than words. He is very optimistic, full of energy, straightforward with a strong sense of observance of the corporate governance policies.

He is a recipient of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Divas Award 2009, the highest recognition from the Indian Government to a Non Resident Indian (NRI) handed over to him in Chennai (India), by Her Excellency Shrimati Prathiba Patil: President of the Republic of India; the Pravasi Divas 2007 Award handed over to him in New Delhi by the Vice-President of the Republic of India; the NRI (Non Resident Indian) Businessman of the Year 2006 awarded by the British Minister of Policing, Community Security in London; the NRI Gold Medal for the Man of the Year prize; Recipient of the Non-Resident Indians Prize for Excellence; appointed Chairman of the Pravasi Ghat for Madagascar, an organization representing the Diaspora of Non-Resident Indians worldwide; Decorated Officer of the National Order of Madagascar by the Grand Chancellor and President of the Republic of Madagascar; and Elevated Commander of the National order of Madagascar by the Grand Chancellor and President of the Republic of Madagascar: H.E Andry Nirina Rajoelina.

Sparkling by his achievement, Ylias Akbaraly, as the pride of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, is currently building through his Group Sipromad the highest tower in the Indian Ocean with thirty floors, the tower called “Orange Tower”. He is thriving to make Madagascar the dragon of the Indian Ocean.

Beside his successful career path, Mr. Akbaraly also has robust social milestones:

He co-founded with his wife Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly in 2008 the Akbaraly Foundation: A humanitarian organisation that aims to reduce poverty through the development of sustainable social projects in different fields: education, nutrition, health, children, housing; AF is at the moment focused on “4Awoman Project” to fight against women cancer in Madagascar and in Africa.

With the American format, “TEDx Antananarivo event”, tackling the topic of cancer and awareness in Africa and Madagascar, in May 2011, the Akbaraly foundation team made the event the top three most watched events on the internet worldwide that very day.

He is also the Director of and/or active member of: Man and Wife, a family and social magazine published in India. Real Estate Observer, a magazine specializing in real estate and real estate development in India; Madagascar Foundation, United States; and, Director of Trosseau OPL, a trading company based in New Delhi, in which the group holds 50% of the shares.

Furthermore, he is also a family man, with 4 children, he is living a quiet life with his wife Cinzia Akbaraly who is the General Honorary Consul of Italy in Madagascar, and striving to make Madagascar through the Groupe Sipromad, a pride of the Indian Ocean and Africa.




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