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April 2012

"Behind the Development of Technology: The Transition of Innovation Modes in China's Wind Turbine Manufacturing Industry"

Journal Article, Energy Policy, volume 43

By Peng Ru, Former Research Fellow, Energy Technology Policy Innovation Research Group/Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, 2007–2008, Qiang Zhi, Former Associate, Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group (ETIP), September–December 2012; Former Research Fellow, ETIP, September 2011–August 2012, Fang Zhang, Xiaotian Zhong, Jianqiang Li and Jun Su, Former Research Fellow, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, 2001–2002

The market scale of China's wind turbine manufacturing industry has grown immensely. Despite China still having a limited capacity in terms of technology innovation, the institutional support has promoted the technology capability development of the wind turbine manufacturing industry. This paper explores the driving forces underlying this development by reviewing the transition of the innovation modes and the dynamic interactions among the technology capability, innovation modes, market formation, and wind energy policy. The innovation mode in China began with imitative innovation, then transitioned to cooperative innovation, and has more recently set its sights on attaining truly indigenous innovation. Public policy serves as a key driving force for the evolution of innovation modes, as well as the development of the market.

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