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March 2012

"The Role of Qualitative Risk Assessment in Environmental Management: A Kazakhstani Case Study"

Journal Article, Science of the Total Environment, volume 420

By Arani Kajenthira, Former Associate, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, April–June 2013; Former Research Fellow, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, September 2010–March 2013, John Holmes and Rachael McDonnell

Successful environmental management is partly contingent on the effective recognition and communication of environmental health risks to the public. Yet risk perceptions are known to differ between experts and laypeople; laypeople often exhibit higher perceptions of risk in comparison to experts, particularly when these risks are associated with radiation, nuclear power, or nuclear waste. This paper consequently explores stakeholder risk perceptions associated with a mercury-contaminated chloralkali production facility in Kazakhstan.



March 2012

"A Collaboratively-Derived Science-Policy Research Agenda"

Journal Article, PLoS ONE, issue 3, volume 7

By William J. Sutherland, Laura Bellingan, Jim R. Bellingham, Jason J. Blackstock, Robert M. Bloomfield, Michael Bravo, Victoria M. Cadman, David D. Cleevely, Andy Clements, Anthony S. Cohen, David R. Cope, Arthur A. Daemmrich, Former Research Fellow, Science, Technology and Public Policy Program, 1998–2000, Simon Denegri, Cristina Devecchi, Laura Diaz Anadon, Associate, Environment and Natural Resources Program, Robert Doubleday, Former Research Fellow, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, 2000–2001, Nicholas R. Dusic, Robert J. Evans, Wai Y. Feng, H. Charles J. Godfray, Paul Harris, Sue E. Hartley, Alison J. Hester, John Holmes, Alan Hughes, Mike Hulme, Colin Irwin, Richard C. Jennings, Gary S. Kass, Peter Littlejohns, Theresa M. Marteau, Glenn McKee, Erik P. Millstone, William J. Nuttall, Susan Owens, Miles M. Parker, Sarah Pearson, Judith Petts, Richard Ploszek, Andrew S. Pullin, Graeme Reid, Keith S. Richards, John G. Robinson, Louise Shaxson, Leonor Sierra, Beck G. Smith, David J. Spiegelhalter, Jack Stilgoe, Andy Stirling, Christopher P. Tyler, David E. Winickoff, Former Research Fellow, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, 2002–2003 and Ron L. Zimmern

The need for policymakers to understand science and for scientists to understand policy processes is widely recognized. However, the science-policy relationship is sometimes difficult and occasionally dysfunctional; it is also increasingly visible, because it must deal with contentious issues, or itself becomes a matter of public controversy, or both. Laura Diaz Anadon and her coauthors suggest that identifying key unanswered questions on the relationship between science and policy will catalyse and focus research in this field.

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