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Jieun Baek

Jieun Baek

Former Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs



Jieun Baek joined the Belfer Center as a fellow on July 1, 2014.  She conducted research and writing on the opportunities for change in the North Korean regime. Her book on information access in North Korea is slated for publication in Spring 2016 by Yale University Press.

Jieun graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School in May, 2014. You can read about her background here and here.

She was the student body president of the Kennedy School, and was a co-chair for the Diplomacy Professional Interest Council and the co-chair for the HKS North Korea Study Group, for which she co-led a trek for 24 students to North Korea in August 2013.

Before coming to HKS, she worked at Google Headquarters in the Sales Division and on information access projects for North Korean defectors. She received her bachelor’s degree in Government in Harvard College, where she founded a student organization called Harvard Undergraduates for Human Rights in North Korea (H-RiNK).

Jieun hopes to work on US policy in North Korea and the greater East Asian region. She is a Los Angeles native, and keeps a blog.



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Summer 2016

"Center Fellows Share Insights"

Newsletter Article, Belfer Center Newsletter

By Michael Poznansky, Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, 2015–2016, Jinqiang (JC) Chen, Former Giorgio Ruffolo Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sustainability Science, Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group, 2015–2016, David Eaves, Research Fellow, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Fellow, The Future of Diplomacy Project, Jayita Sarkar, Former Associate, Project on Managing the Atom (MTA), May 16–August 31, 2016; Former Postdoctoral Fellow, International Security Program (ISP)/MTA, September 1, 2015–May 15, 2016; Former Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014–2015, Karoline Steinbacher, Associate, Environment and Natural Resources Program, Kaho Yu, Associate, Geopolitics of Energy Project and Jieun Baek, Former Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Several fellows from different Belfer Center programs and projects described insights they’ve gained or lessons they’ve learned during their fellowships at the Center.



David Stanley, Flickr

January 7, 2016

"Let's Use What North Korea Is Most Afraid of: Ideological Warfare"

Op-Ed, The World Post

By Jieun Baek, Former Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

North Korea claims to have successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb. While analysts and scientists test the validity of its claim, what we know for sure is this is North Korea's fourth nuclear test -- the third during President Obama's administration. After North Korea hacked Sony upon releasing the movie "The Interview" in Dec. 2014, Obama pledged to "respond proportionately."



Jieun Baek

April 2015

Hack and Frack North Korea


By Jieun Baek, Former Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

This paper will make a case for the U.S. government to pursue three strategies if its operational objective is to force North Korea to reappraise its own interests. Individual self-determination and access to information—two properties the Kim regime fears most for its citizens to possess –are the short-term goals for North Koreans. This objective and two goals do not necessarily equate to regime change.



Courtesy Jieun Baek

Winter 2013-14

"Jieun Baek On North Korea And Giving Back"

Newsletter Article, Belfer Center Newsletter

By Catalina Gaitan and Jieun Baek, Former Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Belfer Center International and Global Affairs Student Fellow Jieun Baek has had a busy two years. Since leaving a prestigious job with Google to pursue her masters at Harvard Kennedy School, Baek has worked on a project with Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Director Graham Allison, traveled the world, and has run a successful campaign for student body president. Along the way she has kept a blog, “Inalienable,” which catalogues her travels and ongoing work on North Korea.

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