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Kerry Abelson

Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, 1988-1989



Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, 1988-1989



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September 15, 1990

Our Ounce of Prevention Saves the Allies Billions;Burden-Sharing: Compared with the Benefits of Oil Peace, Contributions Promised by Japan Germany and Others Hardly Make a Down Payment.

Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times

By Graham Allison, Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, Harvard Kennedy School and Kerry Abelson, Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, 1988-1989

Although Japan and Germany are two of biggest beneficiaries of the American military buildup in the Persian Gulf, both seek to shirk their fair share of the costs. After vacillating, the Japanese government first pledged a symbolic $1 billion but waffled on what it intended to count. In response to sharp criticism, Japan has now doubled its pledge, but is still short on specifics. Similarly, last week Germany just said no. A senior government official explained that because the military deployment was primarily American, "it should be paid for by one nation." Sen. Sam Nunn expressed the annoyance of a growing chorus of Americans when he called these responses "absolutely ridiculous."



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