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<em>Securing the Bomb 2007</em>

Securing the Bomb 2007

Book, Managing the Atom Project, Belfer Center and Nuclear Threat Initiative

September 26, 2007

Author: Matthew Bunn, Professor of Practice; Co-Principal Investigator, Project on Managing the Atom

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security; Managing the Atom; Science, Technology, and Public Policy


Managing the Atom Senior Research Associate Matthew Bunn provides a comprehensive assessment of efforts to secure and remove vulnerable nuclear stockpiles around the world, and a detailed action plan for reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism. Securing the Bomb 2007 was commissioned by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). The full report, with additional information on the threat of nuclear terrorism, is available on the NTI website.

See also a world map of progress in securing stockpiles that accompanied the op-ed; the transcript of an on-line discussion; FAQs; an online quiz; and a slideshow.


For more information about this publication please contact the MTA Program Assistant at 617-495-4219.

For Academic Citation:

Bunn, Matthew. Securing the Bomb 2007. Managing the Atom Project, Belfer Center and Nuclear Threat Initiative, September 26, 2007.

Document Length: 184 pp.

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