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"Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges for Advanced Coal Technology in China"


"Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges for Advanced Coal Technology in China"

Book Chapter, , volume 6, Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence

March 8, 2008

Authors: Kelly Sims Gallagher, Member of the Board, Lifeng Zhao, Former Research Fellow, Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group/Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, 2006-2008

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Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Energy Technology Innovation Policy; Environment and Natural Resources; Science, Technology, and Public Policy



China is the second largest energy producer and consumer in the world. With the rapid development of China's society and economy, total primary energy production and consumption have grown quickly. Coal is the foundation of energy development in China. China's energy resource endowment, technological capabilities, and projected rapid economic growth strongly indicate that coal will continue to dominate China's energy mix in the next few decades.

Power generation efficiency is still much too low and needs to be improved to extend China's resource base. Coal burning has led to severe environmental problems such as air pollution, acid deposition and climate change. These have caused health damage, ecological degradation, and economic losses. These problems must be addressed. Advanced coal technologies will increasingly play a significant role in addressing China's multiple energy challenges.

The Chinese Government has paid much attention to advanced coal technology in recent years. In order to promote the research, development, demonstration and deployment of advanced coal technologies, the central government and local governments have formulated a series of industrial, fiscal, environmental policies and plans. During the Tenth Five Year Plan, China has made great progress on the development of advanced coal technologies. In terms of research, development, and demonstration of advanced-coal technologies, China has achieved breakthroughs in developing and demonstrating advanced-coal gasification, direct and indirect coal liquefaction, and key technologies of integrated gasification combined cycle and co-production systems. Regarding deployment, industry chose ultra supercritical PC and supercritical PC for new capacity coupled with pollution control technology, and 300MW circulating fluidized bed as a supplement. Climate change is not a driving factor for technology choice at this time. Other factors such as strong demand, energy security, and local environment concerns dominate.


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For Academic Citation:

Gallagher, Kelly Sims and Zhao Lifeng. "Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges for Advanced Coal Technology in China." Chap. 26 in China's Energy and Environmental Challenges., 2008.

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