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"Keeping Up with the Indians"

A Brahmos missile is displayed at the Republic Day parade rehearsal in New Delhi, India, Jan. 23, 2009. India tested its nuclear-capable Brahmos supersonic cruise missile in a province bordering Pakistan, a news report said.
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"Keeping Up with the Indians"

Op-Ed, Foreign Policy

August 31, 2009

Author: Paul Staniland, Former Research Fellow, International Security Program/Intrastate Conflict Program, 2008–2009

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security; Intrastate Conflict Program


"Saturday's New York Times reports that Pakistan has expanded its maritime land-attack missile program, possibly based on modifications to U.S.-provided anti-ship Harpoons. News like this fuels concerns that the Pakistani establishment is not taking the internal security threat seriously enough, instead favoring its standard obsession with India. In this view, the expansion of both conventional and nuclear weapons programs shows that Pakistan is not serious about its wars within, instead myopically focusing on a status quo India that poses no real threat to Pakistan.

There is certainly merit to the argument that Pakistan simply 'doesn't get it' when it comes to fighting the Taliban. The Pakistan Army has a deeply-ingrained organizational distrust of India and strong incentives to continue building and buying expensive new systems, rather than getting into the dirty, cruel, complex business of counterinsurgency on its northwestern frontier...."

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