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Cybersecurity: The U.S. Legislative Agenda


May 17, 2010

Author: Melissa Hathaway, Senior Advisor, Cyber Security Project

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Explorations in Cyber International Relations


In this briefing, Melissa Hathaway provides an analysis of more than 40 pieces of legislation that are being debated in the 111th Congress.

The wide range of topics addressed in these bills include proposed changes to organizational responsibilities; instituting compliance and accountability mechanisms; implementing data accountability standards and reporting requirements for, personal data privacy, data breach handling and identity theft; enhancing cybersecurity education; advancing research and development and grants; evaluating critical electric infrastructure protection and conducting vulnerability analysis of other critical infrastructures; expanding international cooperation on cybercrime; and addressing procurement, acquisition and supply-chain integrity.

Clearly, cybersecurity is a topic of interest and this briefing highlights the cross-jurisdictional purview of the subject. It also demonstrates the need for congressional leaders to set legislative priorities for cyberspace.


For more information about this publication please contact the Belfer Center Communications Office at 617-495-9858.

For Academic Citation:

Hathaway, Melissa. "Cybersecurity: The U.S. Legislative Agenda." Presentation. May 17, 2010.

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