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Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2010

Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2010

Newsletter, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Summer 2010

Editor: Sharon Wilke, Associate Director of Communications

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Agricultural Innovation in Africa; International Security; Managing the Atom; Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nonproliferation Dialogues; Religion in International Affairs; Science, Technology, and Globalization; Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction; Dubai Initiative; Future of Diplomacy Project


The Summer 2010 issue of the Belfer Center newsletter features recent and upcoming activities, research, and analysis by members of the Center community on critical global issues. This issue highlights the Belfer Center's involvement with the Nuclear Security Summit - ranging from Center experts' input into Summit planning to preparation of informational materials for attending world leaders to a Q&A with two Center alumni who organized the Summit: Gary Samore and Laura Holgate.  The newsletter also announces the launch of the Center's new Future of Diplomacy project headed by Ambassador Nicholas Burns and a new professorship named for International Council member Minos Zombanakis. Another article features presentations at the Center by international council member Paul Volcker, chair of President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and by John P. Holdren, on leave from the Center's board of directors to serve as assistant to President Obama for science and technology. A look at the economics and security class taught by Martin Feldstein, well-known economist and member of the Center's board of directors, connects the dots between the two fields.

The Summer 2010 newsletter also highlights: a meeting between nuclear experts from China and the Center's Project on Managing the Atom to strengthen U.S.-China cooperation on nuclear issues; student research led by Executive Director Eric Rosenbach on Pakistan's military-civilian relationship; and programs on the Middle East coordinated by the Center's Dubai Initiative and Middle East Initiative.  In addition, this issue spotlights Associate Professor Monica Duffy Toft and features research fellows Jennifer Dixon and Ruud Kempener.

Advancing Dialogues on Nuclear Terrorism, Diplomacy, U.S.-China Relationship, Pakistan, and Middle East

Informing Debate on Economy, Security, Climate and Energy, Innovation

Features and Spotlights

News and Notes



For more information about this publication please contact the Belfer Center Communications Office at 617-495-9858.

For Academic Citation:

Wilke, Sharon, ed. Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2010. Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Summer 2010.

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