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Energy, Trade and Finance in Asia

A Political and Economic Analysis


Author: Justin Dargin, Former Associate, The Dubai Initiative

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To be published late 2011, this study offers a vital reappraisal of the trade relationship between north-east Asia and the Gulf. Writing from a non-western standpoint, Dargin and Lim make a compelling case for how these regions became economically integrated in the wake of the oil crisis. The historical role of India in connecting these regions is examined in-depth, whilst the economic modernization of China and Japan is also stressed.

With its emphasis on strategy, this book provides important information that can be used in policy-making for the future, whilst the expert analysis of twentieth-century economic history makes it an essential research tool for scholars working in this area.


For more information about this publication please contact the The Dubai Initiative at 617-496-3694.

For Academic Citation:

Dargin, Justin and Tai Wei Lim. Energy, Trade and Finance in Asia: A Political and Economic Analysis. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2011.

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