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Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2011

Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2011

Newsletter, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Summer 2011

Editor: Sharon Wilke, Associate Director of Communications

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Agricultural Innovation in Africa; Energy Technology Innovation Policy; Environment and Natural Resources; India and South Asia Project; International Security; Managing the Atom; Middle East Initiative; Quarterly Journal: International Security; Religion in International Affairs; Science, Technology, and Public Policy; Dubai Initiative; Future of Diplomacy Project; Geopolitics of Energy Project


The Summer 2011 issue of the Belfer Center newsletter features recent and upcoming activities, research, and analysis by members of the Center community on critical global issues. This edition highlights analysis and advice by Belfer Center scholars regarding the historic upheavals in the Middle East and the disastrous consequences of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Center’s new Geopolitics of Energy project is also highlighted, along with efforts by the Project on Managing the Atom to strengthen nuclear export rules. Also in this newsletter, Center board member Lawrence Summers discusses the economy as he returns to Harvard – and we spotlight the influential public servant and Center International Council member Paul Volcker, who until recently chaired President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.


Middle East Upheavals – What Next?

Preventing Another Fukushima

Critical Energy Issues

Highlights and Spotlights

Featured Fellows

News and Notes




For more information about this publication please contact the Belfer Center Communications Office at 617-495-9858.

For Academic Citation:

Wilke, Sharon. Belfer Center Newsletter Summer 2011. Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Summer 2011.

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Crisis Stability and Nuclear War
By Ashton B. Carter, Desmond Ball, Hans A. Bethe, Dr. Bruce G. Blair, Dr. Paul Bracken, Hillman Dickinson, Richard Garwin, Kurt Gottfried, David Holloway, Henry Kendall, Lloyd Leavitt, Jr., Richard Ned Debow, Condoleezza Rice, Peter Stein, John D. Steinbruner, Lucja Swiatkowski and Paul Tomb

Defending the United States Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
By Graham Allison, Matthew Bunn, Ashton B. Carter, John M. Deutch, Richard A. Falkenrath, John P. Holdren, Robert Newman and Joseph S. Nye

A Fuel-Cycle Fix
By Ashton B. Carter and Stephen A. LaMontagne

Events Calendar

We host a busy schedule of events throughout the fall, winter and spring. Past guests include: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former Vice President Al Gore, and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.