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India's Leading Role as a BRICS Economy - An Energy's Tale

India's Leading Role as a BRICS Economy - An Energy's Tale

European Institute for Asian Studies Briefing Seminar


May 27, 2011

Author: Justin Dargin, Former Associate, The Dubai Initiative

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Dubai Initiative Fellow Justin Dargin participates in a seminar hosted by the European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) about India's growing energy demand and its implications.

With the Kyoto Protocol coming to an end, it is the right time to assess environmental trading. With a special focus on the Indian energy sector in terms of demand, supply and growth, the energy markets in India and carbon trading will be taken into consideration, along with its impact on the global energy market. Recently, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) issued a declaration, outlining a consenus on a wide range of topics, including their future sources of energy, of which “nuclear energy will continue to be an important element”. In order to address climate change, this declaration can be seen as an important milestone for energy issues, climate change and sustainable development in the BRICS countries. Therefore, the ability of BRICS, and India in particular, to gain secure access to energy through sustainable means will be one of many topics under discussion at this EIAS Briefing Seminar.

Ms. Shubhra Thakur is the Director at the India Rural Energy and Power Private Limited. She is a graduate in Media and Communication Studies of the Delhi University and studied Entrepreneurship at the Indian School of Business. Mr. Justin Dargin is currently a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a reknowned specialist in international law and energy law, and a prolific author on energy affairs. He has been quoted and interviewed in numerous international publications, such as the Economist, International Herald Tribune, and Al-Jazeera. He is the author of “Desert Dreams: The Quest for Arab Integration from the Arab Revolt to the Gulf Cooperation Council” and co-author of the forthcoming book “Energy,Trade and Finance in Asia”.

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For more information about this publication please contact the The Dubai Initiative at 617-496-3694.

For Academic Citation:

"India's Leading Role as a BRICS Economy - An Energy's Tale." European Institute for Asian Studies Briefing Seminar, 27 May, 2011.

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