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"Asian Interest Means Africa Needs New Economic Vision"

A Chery Riich M1 is seen at an auto show in Shanghai, China, 26 Apr. 2009. Leading private Chinese automaker Chery will set up a joint venture with the China-Africa Development Fund to further explore the car market in Africa.
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"Asian Interest Means Africa Needs New Economic Vision"

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August 31, 2011

Author: Calestous Juma, Professor of the Practice of International Development; Director, Science, Technology, and Globalization Project; Principal Investigator, Agricultural Innovation in Africa

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Agricultural Innovation in Africa; Science, Technology, and Globalization; Science, Technology, and Public Policy



This op-ed was reprinted on September 3, 2011, by the Daily Nation (Kenya) as "Africa's Solution to Asian Interests."


In a much-publicized statement apparently aimed at China, during her recent visit to Africa U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned against a "new colonialism in Africa," where it was "easy to come in, take out natural resources, pay off leaders and leave."

While these concerns require attention, Africa's most important challenge is to reconstruct its relations with the rest of the world through its long-term economic objectives.

China's trade with Africa was worth $10 billion in 2000 and is projected to exceed $110 billion in 2011.

India too has significantly increased its presence on the continent. India's trade with Africa was $3 billion in 2000 and is projected to rise to $70 billion by 2015....

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