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BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997

Annual Report, BCSIA




Robert and Renée Belfer Center
for Science and International Affairs


John F. Kennedy School of Government
79 John F. Kennedy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
phone: 617-495-1400 - fax: 617-495-8963

Table of Contents:

OverviewDirector''s Foreword

International Security ProgramScience, Technology, and Public Policy Program Environment and Natural Resources Program Strengthening Democratic Institutions Project BCSIA Events BCSIA Publications Biographies Associate Fellows

This report was edited by Diane J. McCree of the International Security Program, with design assistance by Harold Johnson of the Belfer Center.


For more information about this publication please contact the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at 617-495-1400.

For Academic Citation:

BCSIA, Diane J. McCree, ed. BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997. Cambridge, MA: BCSIA.

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