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<em>Securing Cyberspace: A New Domain for National Security</em>

Securing Cyberspace: A New Domain for National Security

Book, Aspen Institute

February 2012

Editors: Nicholas Burns, Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations, Harvard Kennedy School, Jonathon Price

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Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Explorations in Cyber International Relations; Cyber Security Project; Science, Technology, and Public Policy



The Aspen Policy Books presents innovative thinking on America's most pressing national security challenges. This book is a collection of papers commissioned for the 2011 Aspen Strategy Group workshop, a bipartisan meeting of top national security experts. The papers examine the complexities of the emerging cyber threat, as well as the possibilities and inherent challenges of crafting effective domestic and international cyber policy. Authors explore topics such as the economic impact of cybercrime, cyber as a new dimension of warfare, the revolutionary potential of Internet freedom, and the future realities the United States will face in the new age of heightened Internet connectivity.



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For Academic Citation:

Burns, Nicholas and Jonathon Price, eds. Securing Cyberspace: A New Domain for National Security. Queenstown, MD: Aspen Institute, February 2012.

Document Length: 202 pp.

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