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<em>Debating the Democratic Peace</em>

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Debating the Democratic Peace

International Security Reader, MIT Press

May 1996

Editors: Michael E. Brown, Editorial Board Member and Former Co-Editor, Quarterly Journal: International Security, Sean M. Lynn-Jones, Editor, International Security; Series Editor, Belfer Center Studies in International Security, Steven E. Miller, Director, International Security Program; Editor-in-Chief, International Security; Co-Principal Investigator, Project on Managing the Atom

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Are democracies less likely to go to war than other kinds of states? This question is of tremendous importance in both academic and policy-making circles and one that has been debated by political scientists for years. The Clinton administration, in particular, has argued that the United States should endeavor to promote democracy around the world. This timely reader includes some of the most influential articles in the debate that have appeared in the journal International Security during the past two years, adding two seminal pieces published elsewhere to make a more balanced and complete collection, suitable for classroom use.



"Extremely useful ... excellent."
-- Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs

"The democratic peace thesis is one of the most significant propositions to come out of social science in recent decades. If true, it has crucially important implications for both theory and policy. Debating the Democratic Peace provides a comprehensive collection of the major writings on all sides of this issue."
-- Samuel P. Huntington, Harvard University


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For Academic Citation:

Brown, Michael E., Sean M. Lynn-Jones, and Steven E. Miller, eds. Debating the Democratic Peace. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996.

Document Length: 413 pp.

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