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Harvard Launches New Cybersecurity Wiki

Harvard Launches New Cybersecurity Wiki

Announcement, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Belfer Center

August 17, 2012

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Explorations in Cyber International Relations; Cyber Security Project; Science, Technology, and Public Policy


Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society—with contributions from the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program's Explorations in Cyber International Relations project—has developed a Cybersecurity Wiki that is designed to be a curated, comprehensive, evolving, and interactive collection of resources for researchers (not just legal researchers), technologists, policymakers, judges, students, and others interested in cybersecurity issues, broadly conceived.  The general aim of the wiki is to collect in one place—and organize intelligently—important documents related to cybersecurity.

Anyone interested in cybersecurity is invited to explore the wiki. The main page (including a brief description of the project) is here; and the table of contents is here.  During the next phase of the project, experts from different disciplines will review and evaluate the current collection and make recommendations for additional resources. (Some of the suggested materials for review and possible inclusion in the next phase of the project can be found here.)

Please explore the wiki and offer critical comments about its content, organization, or any other matter.  Please send any comments to:  

Note that the wiki will be closed to external editors until its initial content and organization are finalized. In the near future, outside cybersecurity experts from different disciplines and organizations will be  invited to edit and contribute content to the wikiExperts in this area who are interested in helping devise a sustainable model for keeping the wiki up to date, either as an editor or contributor, should send an email to the address above, indicating expertise and interest. 


For more information about this publication please contact the STPP Web Manager at 617-496-1981.

For Academic Citation:

"Harvard Launches New Cybersecurity Wiki." Announcement, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Belfer Center, August 17, 2012.

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