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"US Should Stay Out of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts, for Now"

Palestinian activists confront Israeli soldiers to protest construction of the Israeli separation barrier near Al-Masara, West Bank, Oct. 21, 2011.

"US Should Stay Out of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts, for Now"

Op-Ed, GlobalPost

November 17, 2012

Author: Chuck Freilich, Senior Fellow, International Security Program

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security


"Thursday November 15, at 6:45pm on a commuter train in Tel Aviv, a rocket alert sounds, the train stops, and we are told to get on the floor. A number of people laugh at the absurdity of the situation. One female soldier starts crying. Everyone else is quiet. Five minutes later, we are on our way.

For the last 12 years, Hamas has fired thousands of rockets on southern Israel, turning daily life into a recurrent hell, not just for border communities near Gaza, but for cities of over 200,000 people, such as Ashdod and Ashkelon, and Israel's fourth largest city, Be'er Sheva. Now Tel Aviv has come in range. This time, fortunately, there was no damage.

Imagine life in Manhattan if Brooklyn repeatedly fired rockets on it...."

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Freilich, Chuck. "US Should Stay Out of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts, for Now." GlobalPost, November 17, 2012.

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