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"Is Obama's Climate Change Policy Doomed to Fail? Maybe Not"

"Is Obama's Climate Change Policy Doomed to Fail? Maybe Not"

The Business Desk


March 1, 2013

Author: Robert N. Stavins, Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government; Member of the Board; Director, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements

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A Note from Paul Solman: A professor of environmental economics at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Rob Stavins is one of the country's leading thinkers on climate policy. Climate wonks regularly read his blog, One Economist's Perspective on Environmental and Natural Resource Policy, as do I.

In the wake of President Obama's strong push for action on climate change during his second term, I asked Rob to comment for a broader audience here at the Business Desk. He was kind enough to do so.


Rob Stavins: In his 2013 inaugural address, President Obama surprised many people, including me, by the intensity and the length of his comments on global climate change. Since then, there has been a great deal of discussion about what climate policy initiatives will be forthcoming from the administration in its second term.

Although I was surprised by the strength and length of what the president said, it did not change my thinking about what we should expect from the second term. I would say the same about the president's State of the Union address....

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Stavins, Robert. "Is Obama's Climate Change Policy Doomed to Fail? Maybe Not." PBS NEWSHOUR, March 1, 2013.

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