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<em>Technology in Africa—2014 Digest</em>

Technology in Africa—2014 Digest


February 2014

Editor: Tefo Mohapi

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"Africa Rising" is the phrase we have become used to and sometimes use carelessly in a bid to portray a progressive image of our continent despite some of its shortcomings.

Although the past few decades have seen an increase in the fortunes of the continent, there are certain things that need to happen in order for Africa to Rise.

One of the key factors that will play a role in the economic growth, skills growth and life improvement of Africa and Africans is Technology in the form of Information and Communications Technology.

This year's Technology in Africa—Digest sees professionals and thought leaders in the technology industry offer their insights into the problems facing the continent and also offer solutions, some of which they are already working on.

We hope you find this eBook useful.

Tefo Mohapi

Publisher: Technology in Africa—2014 Digest



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For Academic Citation:

Mohapi, Tefo, ed. Technology in Africa—2014 Digest., February 2014.

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