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"The "Acceptance" of Globalization"

"The "Acceptance" of Globalization"

Book Chapter, No More States? Globalization, National Self-Determination, and Terrorism, pages 23-33

August 31, 2006

Authors: Luisita Cordero, Richard N. Rosecrance, Adjunct Professor; International Security Program; Director, Project on U.S.-China Relations

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security


"International relations are not simply a state of anarchy. There are profound elements of hierarchy in the international system, and even authority relationships...."

Other Chapters in No More States? Globalization, National Self-Determination, and Terrorism:


For Academic Citation:

Cordero, Luisita and Richard N. Rosecrance. "The "Acceptance" of Globalization." Chap. 2 in No More States? Globalization, National Self-Determination, and Terrorism. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., August 31, 2006.

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