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BCSIA Annual Report, 1979-1980: Former Members of the Research Staff

Annual Report Chapter, BCSIA Annual Report, 1979-1980


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7. Former Members of the Research Staff


More than 75 individuals have been in residence at CSIA as research fellows and graduate students. since the establishment of the Program in 1973. Listed below are the former members of the research staff, along with their periods of residence at CSIA and their current titles and affiliations.

ART, Robert (1977-79)
ASTIZ, Carlos (1977-78)
BAKER, Steven (1975-76)
BLACKER, Coit (1975-77)
BRAUCEl, Hans-Gunter (1977-78)
BRENNER, Michael J. (1973-74)
BRENT, Stephen (1976-77)
BUPP, Irwin (1973-75)
CAHN, Anne (1973-74)
CASPER, Barry (1975-76)
DERIAN, Jean-Claude (1974-75)
EVRON, Yai (1975-77)
FLANAGAN, Stephen (1976-78)
FLYNN, Gregory (1974-76)
FORSBERG, Randy (1977-78)
FUKUYAMA, Francis (1978-79)
GALLUCCI, Robert (1977-78)
GARWIN, Richard (1974-75)
GARWIN, Thomas (1973-76)
CLASSMAN, Jon (1973-74)
GRAHAM, Loren (1976-77)
GREENWOOD, Ted (1973-77)
GUSTAFSON, Thane (1976-79)
HAS SAN, Sana (1976-77)
HELLER, Mark (1976-77)
HERADSVEIT, Daniel (1975-76)
HYDER, Tariq (1977-79)
JACOBSON, Carl (1973-75)
JOHNSON, Victoria (1976-78)
KATZ, James (1978-79)
KEMP, Geoffrey (1974-77)
KRUZEL, Joseph (1973-76)
KUBBIG, Bernd (1976-77)
LARRABEE, F. Stephen (1977-78)
LELLOUCHE, Pierre (1974-75)
LEVENTHAL, Paul (1976-77)
LOWRANCE'' William (1975-77)
MARWAH, Onkar S. (1976-80)
McGAFFIGAN, Edward (1974-75)
McNAUGHER, Thomas (1975-76)
METZGER, Robert (1977-78)
MEYER, Stephen (1978-80)
MORRIS, Frederick (1975-77)
OSTRENG, Willy (1973-74)
POLLACK, Jonathan (1975-78)
POLLOCK, David (1976-77)
RATTINGER, Johannes (1974-75)
RITTERBUSH, Stephen (1978-79)
RONEN, Ron (1978-79)
SCHOETTLE, Enid (1974-75)
SESTANOVICH, Stephen (1977-78)
SHARP, Gene (1974-78)
SIENKIEWICZ Stanley (1975-77)
SMITH, Constance (1974-75)
STEINBRUNER, John (1973-77)
STIVERS, Ronald (1974-75)
STOKES, William (1976-77)
TARR, David (1977-78)
VARDAMIS, Alex (1977-78)
WAENGBORG, Manne (1975-76)
WALKER, Paul (1977-78)
WELLONS, Marilyn (1977-78)
WILLIAMS, Frederick (1977-78)
WINKLER, Theodore (1976-77)
YOCHELSON, John (1973-75)
ZIMMERMAN, Peter (1974-75)

Table of Contents:

OverviewOrganization and Personnel

Research and PublicationsSeminars Other Program Activities Related Professional Activities Former Members of the Research Staff


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BCSIA. "BCSIA Annual Report, 1979-1980: Former Members of the Research Staff." BCSIA Annual Report, 1979-1980. Cambridge, MA: BCSIA.

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