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BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997: Associate Fellows

Annual Report Chapter, BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997


Other Chapters in BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997:

10. Associate Fellows

International Security Program
Clark Abt
Sigve Brekke
Walter Clemens
Chantal de Jonge Oudraat
David Deese
Walter Fairbanks
Philip Fellman
Randall Forsberg
Lisbeth Gronlund
Peter Grose
Peter Haas
Shinichi Kawarda
Setsu Kobayashi
George Lewis
Tsuyoshi Maruyama
Zia Mian
Roc Myers
Barry Posen
Gregory Rattray
Jack Ruina
Harvey Sapolsky
Elizabeth Sherwood
Richard Sobel
Bernard Trainor
Astrid Tuminez
Stephen Van Evera
David Wright
Eric Yesson
Charles Zraket

Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program
Darin Boville
Guillermo Cardoza
Young Gul Kim
David Guston
Megan Jones
Mitchell Kapor
Hans Klein
Youngil Lim

Environment and Natural Resources Program
William Deitrich
Elizabeth DeSombre
William Easterling
Ita Falk
Robert Frosch
Sherri Holdren
Jill Jäeger
Sheila Jasanoff
Robert Kates
Geraldine Kaye
Robert Keohane
William Meyer
Vicki Norbert-Bohm
Eileen Shea
Susan Tierney

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BCSIA. "BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997: Associate Fellows." BCSIA Annual Report, 1996-1997. Cambridge: BCSIA.

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