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"Readings in the Field of Natural Resource and Environmental Economics"

Discussion Paper E-99-06, Harvard Kennedy School

Author: Robert N. Stavins, Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government; Member of the Board; Director, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Environment and Natural Resources


This is the latest version of a document periodically produced sine the early 1980s. It combines an outline of the field of natural rseouce and enviornmental economics with a bibliography of 945 references. In the past, this reading list has been used in a variety of ways: as a guide to the literature for graduate students in departments of economics which do not offer a Ph.D.-level survey course of the field; as a resource for Ph.D. students who wish to devleop a directed readings course in theild; and as an aid to students at the amsters and undergraduate levels who wish to explore selected areas in greater depth.


For more information about this publication please contact the ENRP Program Coordinator at 617-495-1351.

For Academic Citation:

Pfaff, Alexander, F., and Robert Stavins. "Readings in the Field of Natural Resource and Environmental Economics." Discussion Paper E-99-06, Harvard Kennedy School.

Document Length: 98 pp.

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