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"Military "Culture" and the Fall of France in 1940: A Review Essay"

"Military "Culture" and the Fall of France in 1940: A Review Essay"

Journal Article, International Security, volume 24, issue 4, pages 157-180

Spring 2000

Author: Douglas Porch

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security; Quarterly Journal: International Security



In a review of Elizabeth Kier's book Imagining War: French and British Military Doctrine between the Wars, Douglas Porch takes issue with Kier's explanation of Germany's defeat of France and Britain in 1940. He contends that Kier's claim that the military doctrines of both countries led to their defeat does not stand up to scrutiny. Porch suggests the problem lay not with their military doctrines, but with the failure of France and Britain to execute them effectively.


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For Academic Citation:

Porch, Douglas. "Military "Culture" and the Fall of France in 1940: A Review Essay." International Security 24, no. 4 (Spring 2000): 157-180.

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