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"Correspondence: Israel and the Bomb"

"Correspondence: Israel and the Bomb"

Journal Article, International Security, volume 29, issue 1, pages 175-178

Summer 2004

Authors: Louis Rene Beres, Zeev Maoz

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security; Quarterly Journal: International Security



In an exchange of letters, Louis RenÚ Beres of Purdue University and Zeev Maoz of Tel Aviv University and the University of Michigan debate the merits of Maoz’s proposal in the fall 2003 issue of International Security to establish a weapons of mass destruction–free zone in the Middle East.


For more information about this publication please contact the IS Editorial Assistant at 617-495-1914.

For Academic Citation:

Beres, Louis Rene; Zeev Maoz. "Correspondence: Israel and the Bomb." International Security 29, no. 1 (Summer 2004): 175-178.

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