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"Weapons Lab"

"Weapons Lab"

An Interview with Matthew S. Meselson

Journal Article, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, (Special Issue: Five Minutes to Midnight), volume 63, issue 1, pages 49-55

January / February 2007

Author: Matthew Meselson, Co-director, Harvard Sussex Program on Chemical and Biological Weapons

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: International Security



For more information on the "Five Minutes to Midnight" special issue, read the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists January 17, 2007 news announcement:


"The lack of transparency in U.S. biodefense work is fostering a widespread perception that we are secretly developing novel threat agents and exploring novel bioweapons concepts. This constitutes a kind of psychological proliferation that risks eroding the constraints against military and paramilitary use of biological weapons. And aside from security considerations, secrecy in biological research will impede rather than foster the discovery and development of practical methods of prophylaxis and therapy of infective disease."


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For Academic Citation:

Meselson, Matthew S. "Weapons Lab." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Special Issue: Five Minutes to Midnight) 63, no. 1 (January / February 2007): 49-55.

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